New Hospitals is a multi-profile, 250-bed clinic, built in compliance with the European standards, which offers high-quality in-patient and outpatient services to the patients since 2011. The hospital, which is equipped with distinctive infrastructure and ultra-modern technologies, provides services to hundreds of patients daily. The Clinic infrastructure (ventilation, heating and cooling, sterile air-flow control and automatic regulation systems, fire safety systems, protected electric wiring special zone system, medical personnel call system, medical lifts of European quality designated for the relevant number of the patient streams, etc.) creates secure and comfortable environment for the patients.

Ultra-Modern Medical Equipment

New Hospitals is equipped with the highest quality, ultra-modern medical technologies, which enables to provide the best diagnostic and medical services to the patients.

High-Quality Medical Services

Quality management of medical services is an important process. Therefore, the quality of services is regularly monitored and continuously improved at the hospital. Also, as a result of cooperation with leading clinics of Europe, the latest European standards are being constantly implemented in the processes of patients’ care and their servicing.

Professionalism and European Experience

The best medical service can only be achieved through professionalism and experience of medical personnel. Therefore, New Hospitals always takes measures for their professional development and provides the qualification programs for them within or outside the country. In addition, the Hospital cooperates with professional physicians, who have European working experience and are currently working at various departments of the clinic. The patients are provided with medical services in accordance with the recommendations of international medical societies and treatment protocols implemented on the basis thereof. The consistency of treatment of the patient is ensured by western,   evidence-based medicine.

International Accreditation

The Clinic Laboratory accredited by RIQAS provides validation of medical hardware 12 times a year at the internationally recognized European organization.

Safety and Environment

To ensure a comfortable environment and safe conditions for the patients, the infrastructure of New Hospitals has been developed in compliance with European standards, which has no analog in Georgia.

The highest quality system of ventilation at New Hospitals provides air flow control and filtration as well as regulation of moisture and temperature, which is essential for successful diagnostics and treatment processes.

The hospital is equipped with fire and emergency safety systems that significantly enhance the safety of patients and hospital staff in case of emergencies. The system is implemented in accordance with the European standards and is constantly adjusted for the elimination of potential threats.

For safety purposes, the hospital has two sources of power supply and two internal autonomic systems that completely eliminate the risk of power supply failure. Electric installation is designed in compliance with the appropriate standards of medical services, which reduces the risk of accidents to the minimum.  

Hygiene and Prevention of Hospital Infections

Proper functioning of ventilation and sterile flows control automatic systems, observance of the rules established by the State, EU strict regulations and internal protocols of the Clinic as well as the highest quality of monitoring of the bacteriological status provide control of the epidemiological situation and low level of spread of infections.

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